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Silk – Then and Now!

Silk fabrics, derived from the Chinese silkworm, have been around for thousands of years. In ancient China, the know-how for producing it was a closely-guarded state secret. Today, the knowledge is available to all.

The Galilee Silks company of Israel has perfected the art of dying and hand- painting silk fabric. For over 20 years, its knowledge, experience and creativity have produced magnificent Judaica items, decorations for the home and exclusive clothing and accessory items.

Galilee Silk Scarves

Fascinated by the beauty of the lightweight silk fabric, scarves was the first item that Galilee Silks began to produce when it was founded twenty years ago. Director Shulamit Azati enthusiastically declares, “Silk is lightweight, drapes well and has a beautiful sheen.”

Scroll through the collection. You will find a choice of sizes – small silk squares that will look up-to-date worn as hair bands or handbag ties or longer scarves that make super elegant shawls to dress up your outfit or become magnificent head coverings for when you visit holy places.

It will be hard to choose from the rich choice of colors and designs. With a rare beauty of the brush, the Galilee artists mix, blend and harmonize the spectacular colors that chase each other across the fabric. Every scarf is an individual creation made on receipt of the order. So, it will always be unique, made especially for you. No two scarves are the same.

The Perfect Gift

If you are looking for a unique gift that is an expression of love, friendship or gratitude – a Galilee Silks scarf is the perfect choice. Designed and produced in one of Israel’s most scenic areas, its beauty is meaningful. You will wear it with joy, enjoying the compliments and admiring glances that will surely come your way.