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Shraga Landesman

Meet distinguished Israeli artist, Shraga Landesman, living and working in Haifa. Born in 1954, he initially studied painting and sculpture and only ventured into the field of Jewish art some twenty years ago. Deeply fulfilled, he knew that he had found his role in life.

Through creating works of Judaica, he expresses his passionate devotion to the Land of Israel and the Jewish nation. After delving into the history of the ancient cultures that lived in the Holy Land, he has reproduced their style, writing fonts, and images. Ancient Bible texts with unusual fonts are a frequent source of inspiration. His art products are a link to the past, a blend of old and new that unites ancient memories with contemporary needs.

On our website, you will find a choice of close to two hundred items created by Shraga Landesman. Each one is a magnificent work of art created from brass and anodized aluminum although glass and wood are also frequently used. Seeking cultural codes from the past, he reproduces them in a contemporary setting in a wide range of colors and designs. His themes, mostly taken from the world of nature, feature trees, graceful birds, iconic pomegranates and gentle domesticated animals.

Scroll through our Shraga Landesman collection and enjoy the selection of candlesticks, Kiddush cups, challah boards and Havdallah sets for Shabbat, menorahs, honey dishes and Passover plates for the Holidays, Mezuzah case, charity boxes and wall hangings for the home and for yourself, a selection of incredibly beautiful jewelry based on traditional Bible texts. Gift items include quaint paperweights and innovative bottle mobiles.

The creative works of this noted artist radiate a sense of tranquility and harmony. Indeed, “Shraga”, originally an Aramaic word, means light or candle. This noted Israeli artist has certainly lived up to the significance of his name, bringing rays of light to Jewish art and a warm glow to homes all over the world that use and appreciate his works of art.