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Diverse Mezuzah Case Collection by Agaioff, modern Triangle Mezuzah Case, Cool Cylinder Mezuzah case.

Agayof Mezuzah Cases

The Mezuzah Case is attached to the right hand doorpost and contains the parchment inscribed with special Torah verses from the Shema Yisrael prayer recited daily by Jews. The one of a kind items offered here run the gamut from classic to supermodern. The avant-garde cylinder cases are rounded and come in bold bright shades and gentle pastel colors. The cases come in a range from small to extra large size. A favorite one for those in the medical field is the case with the Cadeuceus symbol. The wheat decorated ones symbolize bounty and nature and one of the most favorite ones,is the Shema series. More modernistic ones include the target one, and the modern shin one for a really contemporary composition.