Menorah by Tzuki

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Celebrate Hanukah with these vibrant Menorahs from Israeli artist Tzuki including the Happy Family Menorah, colorful Family Tree Menorah, Pomegranate Menorah and more.

Menorah by Tzuki

A colorful, happy twist on traditional Hanukkah Menorah, Tzuki portrays Chanukah as a time for family gatherings, joy and togetherness. These Menorahs are in the true spirit of Hanukah! The family tree one comes in variety of vivid colors and is a beautiful celebration of family togetherness. It features a mom, dad, cat and blossoming flowers in unconventional poses and shades. The happy family one shows the whole family flying on wings of joy aa they celebrate this holiday of lights together! The traffic jam item will bring a smile to your lips, with a lively traffic jam scene in which holidaying families wait to get to their fun destinations. The pomegranate ones feature kids and birds alike enjoying lush fruit in vivid colors.