Mezuzah Case by Dorit

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Dorit Mezuzah Cases, featuring colorful Hamsa Mezuzah, Oriental Wood Mezuzah Case, colorful Jerusalem design Mezuzah by Dorit.

Mezuzah Cases by Dorit

The Mezuzah case contains the Shema Yisrael prayer etched by a religious scribe on parchment, serving as a reminder of God's continuous protection. These wooden cases have an aluminum plate which is painted with these exquisite designs. The vivacious Jerusalem of Gold theme is portrayed in shades of blue and gold, while the gentle oriental themes are executed in pastel shades. The one portraying Seven Species of Israel is lush with golden hues with verdant grapevines and fertile sheaves of wheat. The laser cut stainless steel ones sport complex designs of leaves, pomegrantes grapevines and more, each with an individual theme. They are also avaiilable in large sizes suitable for 15cm Mezuzah parchments. These open work cases allow you to see the parchment through the delicately laser cut metal, enabling one to experience the spirituality of this quintessentially Jewish item.